Vendor Spotlight - Liesl Claire Photography

When it comes to taking on external vendors for your wedding day, trusted recommendations are absolutely key. There are few elements where this is as apparent as with securing yourself a wedding photographer.

After all, the photographer that you choose has to be someone who you can trust to capture all of the key moments that happen during the day, as well as all of the guests that you’ve invited, plus any particular styled shots that you would like, all in a way that is authentic, natural and provides you with gorgeous keepsakes for you to treasure.

For many of you, it’s a rather daunting thought as you’re going through the selection process. So, with these feelings in mind, we wanted to connect our clients with a wedding photographer who we know is able to capture all of the beautiful ceremonies that take place in our magnificent venue absolutely perfectly.

In this edition of our blog’s vendor spotlight series, we wanted to give our clients a glimpse into the fantastic work that Liesl Claire Photography does. We would always recommend Liesl to our clients, as she is a lovely, bubbly photographer who will provide you with an absolutely stunning array of images to remember your day by.

As you can see from her online profile, Liesl specializes in glamorous, bold and dramatic photographs that capture all of the intensity of the occasion’s emotions in a stunning way. Her images are filled with a stunning level of artistry, while keeping all of the love between the subjects of her photographs at the immediate forefront of the images.

At just 22 years old, Liesl is a sensational talent with a clear gift for what she does. What we especially love about her work is the way in which she draws out the unique beauty of every occasion that she captures - treating the couple as individuals with their own special love story, and it is this feeling that she immortalises in her images.

We know, from our experience working alongside her, that the combination of our gorgeous venue with Liesl’s talent makes the perfect combination for any couple on their wedding day. The Phoenix, our beautiful wedding venue located in Waco, was reborn from the previous site of Crawford Austin Manufacturing Co. Today, it features original hardwood floors and magnificent chandeliers, providing the ultimate in grand, stylish space. If you’d like to secure The Phoenix for your wedding day venue, you can speak to a member of our fantastic team here.

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