7 Easy Tips on Creating Your Guest List

Your guest list is one of the fundamentals of your wedding. It determines your wedding budget, your venue, and lots of other things when it comes to your wedding. If you don’t get it right with your guest list, you could get into trouble when holding your wedding. That’s why we at The Phoenix Ballroom thought we should share some tips on this with you. So here are eight tips that could help make creating your guest list easy.

· Divide and Conquer

Yes, this is war!!! We’re kidding it’s not. Divide and conquer is however a great strategy where your guest list is concerned. Start by deciding your total guest count and then split it 3 ways. 50% for you and your partner and then 25% for each set of parents. Or you could split it equally 3 ways.

· Add Plus-Ones Consistently

Your friends will most likely be in different stages of their relationships. You could decide for instance that if they’ve been a couple for 6 months or more, they get an invite. And stick to whatever you do decide where everyone is concerned. Also, remember that you’ll have to ask your officiant’s spouse to the event too.

· Have A Kid Policy

Will your wedding be kid-free or will you have an age cutoff? For example, you could say that only children 14 and over are invited.

· Reciprocity Is Good Too

If a friend invited you to her wedding within the last 12 months, for example, it’s only proper that you invite her to yours. If you are however having an intimate affair that does not allow for that, please try to explain before the date.

· Limit Co-Workers

It is great to invite your boss or your assistant if numbers allow, but beyond that, stick to co-workers that you have a relationship with outside your office.

· Trim in Groups

This can help in avoiding hurt feelings. You don’t want one of your spin buddies wondering why they didn’t get the invite while others did.

· Set A Deadline

If you’ve not heard back from someone by the date indicated on your invitation, call them. You need to know and so do your vendors!

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