6 Great Ideas for Your Modern Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are amazing! It’s a style that has stayed over the years and is perfect for a couple who wants a storybook romance. Vintage weddings have however changed over the years. They’re also affected by things like the couple who is holding them and what exactly vintage means to them.

There are, however, some general details that portray a vintage wedding in this era. Here are some lovely ways that you can showcase the vintage theme of your wedding.

· The Season for Your Wedding

Vintage weddings look great in all seasons; the best is in Spring, though. Picture using a spring color palette filled with pastel flowers at our ballroom venue. Winter is another season that would also be awesome.

· Venue

Our venue would be a great fit for your vintage wedding. The atmosphere for your wedding would be classy. You can also get a relaxed fun atmosphere if that is what you desire too.

· Color Palette

For a vintage wedding, the decade you have in mind plays a role in your color palette. You could also choose to have a romantic setting with a subtle nod to the past. In that case, stick to pastels and neutrals like blush, mint green, light blue, ivory, and gray. They’ll give you the lovely old-world romance vibe.

· Decor

For your vintage décor, you can go with the shabby chic aesthetic or a more toned-down version. Most couples choose to use actual vintage items from the era they are representing in their wedding. These details act as a bridge between the modern and the past. Examples are suitcases, vases, and other important glassware. The key is to aim for a balance between the new and the old.

· Stationery

There are many ideas that you can incorporate into the stationery for your vintage wedding. You could use floral motifs, lace details, vellum, wax seals, and ribbons. A monogram or crests could also go along way. Try to find inspiration from that era and use stamps if you can too.

· Flowers

Flowers that are classic and timeless are the best for vintage weddings. Some of them are garden roses, peonies, anemones, and calla lilies. Try to also avoid arrangements that come off as too trendy.

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