5 Top Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

While we’ve all stuck at home during the last few weeks of lockdown, lots of newly engaged couples are making the most out of this period, as an opportunity for a bit of extra time to spend wedding planning.

We think that this is a wonderful idea, because this extra bit of time at the planning stages will help you to make more calm, measured decisions, as you have plenty of time to carefully weigh up all of your options.

This careful consideration is especially key when it comes to deciding upon your wedding venue. You want to make sure that you find a venue that leaves you feeling speechless, while also ticking all of your boxes when it comes to your personal priorities and requirements, too.

So, to help you out as you make your decision, we wanted to use this week’s blog post to provide you with 5 of our top tips for choosing your perfect wedding venue.

  • Consider how well it will suit your planned style, theme or hopes for your decor. Will it compliment the dream visuals that you have in mind?

  • Speak to the venue owner about your ideas, and any key things that you would hope to have at your ceremony, to see whether they could accommodate your wishes.

  • Create a clear, detailed list - set aside a notebook or an online spreadsheet, where you can jot down all of your thoughts about each venue. This can include everything from price points or a note of a particularly charming spot that you especially liked in a venue.

  • Consider the space - will it fit the number of guests that you hoped to invite? Does it also provide plenty of space for people to sit down and take a little break, as well as room to dance and celebrate into the evening?

  • Make sure that, when you’re visiting any potential venues, it’s just the two of you. You don’t want all of the noise and opinions of everyone around you to distract from your instinctive feel for a place or cloud your personal judgements. Remember, this day is first and foremost about the two of you.

We hope that our list of key points of consideration will help you to find the wedding venue of your dreams.

Our own gorgeous wedding venue, The Phoenix, was previously home to the Crawford Austin Manufacturing Co., but today it boasts 10,000 square feet of space, original hardwood floors and magnificent chandeliers. If you’d like to learn more about our stunning entertainment and wedding venue in Waco, you can get in touch with us here. You can even watch an online tour of our venue on our website.

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