5 Non-Floral Ways to Show Off Your Wedding Colors

Selecting the right color scheme for your wedding is important. It’ll help bring all the elements of your wedding together to create a cohesive atmosphere.

Your color scheme can be based on many things, including the weather and your wedding theme. Most couples really show forth their wedding colors using the florals at their event. But you can go beyond that. Here are six other ways that you can infuse your color scheme in your wedding details.

· Stationery

Your wedding stationery gives you a great opportunity to use your wedding colors. From the invitation envelopes to the overall design, you can include your colors. The texts can also do the same and patterned borders are another opportunity too. It is quite easy to include your wedding colors in your stationery.

· Furniture

Work with your rentals company to get wedding furniture that displays and complements your color scheme. They can be in the hues of your color palette and will make for awesome photo backdrops.

· Attire

Colored suits are now a thing and so are colored wedding dresses. Personalize your wedding attire by including colors from your color scheme in it. You could also use colored accessories and shoes to showcase it.

· Cocktails

Cocktails are a fun and refreshing way to introduce color into your wedding. You can use the opportunity to showcase your wedding’s color scheme too. The garnishes that you add to the cocktails like the paper drink umbrellas, straws, and fruit can also help do the same.

· Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is one of the biggest canvasses at your wedding. You can use it to showcase your wedding theme and also your color palette. Your baker can add color to the frosting, flowers, or other garnishes on the cake. They’ll add a great personality to your wedding reception.

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