4 Ways to Have an Amazing Wedding Reception

If you’ve been dreaming of having a fantastic wedding and memorable reception, let us here at The Phoenix Ballroom help. Exceptional events are our forte, so you can trust that we know our onions when it comes to having amazing weddings. How can you have a fantastic wedding reception? Well, it all starts with your planning process. We have here four tips that will go a long way towards helping you achieve that.

· Write Extensively

Do not be tempted to skip this step. Writing down your plans on paper will help to give you clarity and will make your organizing easier. You’ll also be able to share a clear wedding timeline with your vendors, who will make for more natural coordination.

· Create A Seating Chart

Allowing your guests to choose their seats can turn out to chaotic in ways that you did not see coming. The little extra time you’d spend creating a seating chart is a small price to pay to avoid that mess. The rules with seating charts are easy: keep people who do not or are not likely to get along apart and bring together people who know and like each other or seem compatible.

· Have Enough Space

You want your guests to feel comfortable and be able to move around easily and interact. The dancefloor should also be sufficient. You don’t want people bumping into each other and things. 10-15 square feet per person is a great idea, generally speaking.

· The Perfect Wedding Venue

Where will you get the right space mentioned above? At the perfect wedding venue, of course! A venue that reflects your style, personality, likes, and dislikes is a great place to start. Décor often helps, but your wedding venue is like a canvas and décor alongside other things like theme and colors are the paint. The Phoenix Ballroom can be the grand canvas that you paint your wedding day on.

Here at The Phoenix Ballrooms, hosting breathtaking weddings is our trademark. We’d love to host yours too if you’d give us a chance. We’re located at 401 S. 3rd St WACO TX 76706. You can call our office at 254.754.0099 or our cell at 254.723.8190, and leave us an email at

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