4 Ways to Figure Out Your Wedding Style

We’re a long way from those days when wedding designs were white tablecloths with pink centerpieces. We’re seeing everything from elaborate designs to simple rustic settings and lots in-between. With lots of options available, finding the perfect style for your wedding might seem hard. But don’t let it weigh you down, these tips from us here at The Phoenix Ballroom can make the process easier and more fun.

· Where to Start

The answer is diverse. You can choose a set in a film that you like, other weddings, interior design and even graphic art. Your favorite hotels, restaurants, and even retail stores can be a form of inspiration for your wedding too.

· Bringing Your Ideas Together

Try linking them all to your venue. Eliminate the ideas that don’t fit the bigger picture of your wedding and save them for other places like your new house or even a future event. Start with your rentals and work up to the other elements that will make up your wedding venue.

· Avoid Getting Sidetracked

The truth is that you will always find more options that look like they’re better than the one you have chosen. Make your decision and stay satisfied with it. If you try to fit in too many things at once, it’ll be like over-accessorizing an outfit. The result is sad.

· Keep Your Theme Authentic and Accurate

Do lots and lots of research. Study the theme that you have chosen to use very carefully. You do not want to look foolish by leaving out an important detail that you could have easily added so make sure that you double-check. You should also try to pay attention to the nuances and how everything comes together.

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