4 Ways That Your Wedding Style Interacts with Your Location

When it comes to wedding locations, your theme is one of the things that greatly affects it. The Phoenix Ballroom is the best location for your dream wedding in Texas. Allow us to share with you, the various ways in which your wedding theme interacts with your location.

· The Capacity

Depending on whether you want a big traditional wedding or a much smaller intimate ceremony, your wedding theme affects the capacity of the venue that you can choose. Big weddings need a location that can seat 300 and more, while a location that can accommodate 120 and less is ideal for a small wedding. We have spaces for both.

· The Decorations

You cannot decorate your wedding venue if you are yet to decide on the color and theme to work with. And without decorations, you cannot start your ceremony.

· The Availability

If you decide, for instance, to go with a season-themed wedding, the availability of the location will, of course, be affected. Find out if your location is available during the months of the season that you have chosen.

· The Kind of Space

From vineyards to ballrooms and even gardens, your wedding theme will decide on the kind of space best suitable for your wedding location. Personally, at the Phoenix Ballroom just like our name suggests, you’ll find that our ballroom is perfect for any event, big or small. We’re a venue that is rich in history with polished hardwood floors, and a team that is dedicated to the success of your wedding. You’ll love the atmosphere and memories from your wedding if you hold it with us here at the Phoenix Ballroom.

So. what else are you waiting for? Why not give us a call today at the Phoenix Ballroom and let us host what will be acclaimed the best wedding attended yet, by both you and your guests.We're located at 401 S. 3rd St WACO TX 76706. You can call our office at 254.754.0099 or our cell at 254.723.8190, and leave us an email at Contact us today

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