4 Unity Ceremonies for Your Wedding in Texas

The classic candle unity ceremony is still included in many weddings – but if you are a unique couple and if you want something different for your wedding, we have some pretty good news for you: there are plenty of meaningful and beautiful alternatives to the traditional unity ceremony. What are some of the most romantic unity rituals? Here are four amazing ones that we know of, here at the Phoenix Ballroom.

· Wrap Yourselves in A Blanket

This tradition derives from Native American weddings, where this gesture was meant to symbolize closeness and warmth for the couple as they are getting ready to start their lives together as a married couple. Beautiful symbolism, right? Plus, this idea is perfect for a winter wedding because the blanket will feel just “right” in the entire landscape.

· Have A Wine Ceremony

Well, if you are both wine lovers, this is one of the best ways to make it acceptable to drink during the ceremony. The tradition derives from both Christian and Jewish customs and it can be extremely meaningful! You can either pour two types of wines in two glasses and mix them before drinking, or you can simply drink wine from the same glass. This is meant to symbolize unity and commitment to each other. Beautiful, right?

· Tie the Knot

Yes, you should take this quite literally (almost). Get a thick rope and pass it from one guest to another (which symbolizes their commitment to support you in your marriage). When the last guest has held the rope, have it returned to you and braid it together (which is meant to symbolize the life you will create by working together for your family). You can even keep the braided rope and use it as a piece of home décor after the wedding!

· Get Wrapped in A Flower Lasso

This custom is inspired by traditional Mexican and Spanish weddings, where the officiant drapes a flower rope or two linked rosaries across the bride and the groom in the shape of an eight. This is meant to symbolize their union and their commitment to each other. A truly excellent idea for a fall wedding, right?

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