4 Tips on Having A Wedding with No Regrets

You shouldn’t have regrets about your wedding. Your wedding is a day of absolute happiness and beauty – and it should in no way be associated with any kind of regrets. Yet, studies have shown that lots of couples end the day with many regrets.

We know you want to avoid that for your wedding and we’re ready to help you do so here at the Phoenix Ballroom. So here are some good tips that will put you on a path to a wedding with no regrets. We have gathered them below – so read on and find out more.

· Hire A Very Good Photographer

You need your wedding photos to be about more than just the pictures themselves – you need them to be about your story, the things you love about each other, and whatever it is that defines you as a couple.

· Avoid Inviting Too Many People

Large weddings are fun, but that doesn’t mean you are obliged to invite a lot of people just for the sake of the numbers. Now that there’s a pandemic raging, it’s even more inadvisable. Sit down with your fiancé and see which of the guests you can invite and which you should leave off the list. Trust us, it can actually help you release your stress.

· Enjoy the Little Moments

Not soaking in the beautiful moments of the morning-of. The getting ready, the excited girls, the pre-wedding toast (with or without alcohol) – these things will make for unforgettable memories. Plus, actually enjoying the morning of your wedding will most likely help you understand that you actually need to eat as well.

· Comfort Is Important

Putting style over your comfort might not be the best idea. Now, we know stiletto shoes are superb – but the harsh truth is that they can be horribly uncomfortable. Your dress, your footwear, and even your accessories and style, they should all be highly comfy, so that you can actually spend the entire wedding day in your bridal attire.

Here at The Phoenix Ballrooms, we want you to have a wedding with no regrets. So we’ve put things in place to ensure that you have one if you let us host you. We're located at 401 S. 3rd St WACO TX 76706. You can call our office at 254.754.0099 or our cell at 254.723.8190, and leave us an email at

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