4 Popular Themes for Your Wedding in Texas

What comes next after your engagement? Some people suggest that you should pick your venue and date first. We agree. After that, we'd advise that you think of a theme next. A theme is a great way to take a load of stress off your wedding planning. You can tailor most things at your wedding to it. Here are four themes that you can choose for your beautiful wedding in Waco, Texas.

· Rustic

Rustic weddings mostly feature wood, greenery, fairy lights, and jars. Honestly, it's not hard to see why. They are all about getting back to nature, so décor is vital. We've been observing a new trend where couples are opting for luxe rustic weddings, and we love it.

· Classic/Traditional

If you're a traditionalist, don't be alarmed, the white wedding is still top of the list when it comes to popular wedding themes. Classic weddings aren't going out of fashion anytime soon. So have no fear, your wedding will not be considered off-trend if you stick to your parents' traditions, heritage, or even what you've seen in the movies.

· Romantic

Romance is a popular trend when it comes to weddings. But when a wedding has a romantic theme, it means that it is designed to be more romantic than others. If you attend a wedding and find yourself feeling like you're amid a rom-com or find yourself daydreaming of chasing after your new spouse to kiss them in the rain, you'll get what we mean. With a romantic themed wedding, you get the opportunity to show off a little bit of PDA with your spouse-to-be and capture some gorgeous photos of the two of you.

· Contemporary and glamorous

If you're not sure what we mean by contemporary and glamorous weddings, just think of a white wedding glammed to the extreme. It features a lot of glam and glitz, and you should add glitzy bridesmaid dresses, elegant building features, and a fabulous on the dancefloor. Lighting also plays a massive role in these kinds of weddings. We're talking about modern chandeliers, fairy lights and lots more.

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