4 Important Tips for A Great Wedding Celebration

Between selecting a venue for your wedding and deciding on your menu, things can get so hectic that you forget other small but vital details. These are details that could go a long way in making your wedding memorable and fun. Don’t start panicking though. Here’s a list from us at The Phoenix Ballroom to help you remember some of those things.

· Adequate Signs

Directions and signage are an essential part of your wedding. You don’t want your guests loitering about trying to find where exactly your ceremony is holding. If you spell it out for them, there are more likely to arrive on time. For directions, include a map or a link to google maps to your wedding website so that your guests know exactly where they are going. You can then use signage at your wedding venue to bring them straight to you.

· An Exciting Entrance

First impressions go a long way they say, so make sure that you go all out on your ceremony entrance. Personalized access will not only lead the way but will make your venue more welcoming and help your guests feel at home. For an outdoor wedding, hanging garlands and more décor around door frames should do the trick. While for ballrooms like ours, a perfectly designed escort table will work. Floral archways are quite stunning too.

· Beautiful Lighting

The right lighting at your wedding can highlight your décor, create a sense of intimacy and make you and your guests look great in your pictures. Decorative hanging lights, crystal chandeliers, and lamps with patterned shades could turn your space from boring to elegant. String lights are also a good option that can be used anywhere.

· A Fun Exit

A stylish exit is a great way to bring your wedding festivities to a close. The use of rose petals is a beautiful classic. You can also go with sparklers which are always beautiful and fun. Your getaway transportation should also be stylish and make a statement. Take full advantage of the opportunity.

Here at The Phoenix Ballrooms, hosting breathtaking weddings is our trademark. We'd love to host yours too if you'd give us a chance. We're located at 401 S. 3rd St WACO TX 76706. You can call our office at 254.754.0099 or our cell at 254.723.8190, and leave us an email at

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