3 Tips for Your Creative Black and White Wedding

When most couples hear black and white, they think boring. But it doesn't necessarily have to be so. Black and white is a combination of so many awesome things. For example, the piano. Timeless weddings are one of the best kinds of weddings that you can have. Incorporating white and black into your wedding's color scheme is a great way to make it timeless. Now picture a timeless wedding in our lovely location? Interested? Then let us at The Phoenix Ballroom share a few ideas on how to incorporate a black and white color scheme into your Texas wedding.

· Your Accessories

They don't all have to be either black or white, but a pair of black crystal earrings or a black clutch purse with black and white crystals are sure to look timeless and classy. If you look into any magazine that features classics from the 40s, you'll be sure to see that with an ensemble like this, you'll be channeling your inner celebrity!

· Your Flowers

A simple white flower-based bouquet wrapped in black can work perfectly here. If you want the dark to feature in your actual bouquet, go for white anemones. They have a dark center that is quite close to black and will make for a gorgeous and elegant look in your bouquet.

· Your Wedding Dresses

Designers are coming up with lots of gorgeous black wedding dresses so you can find one that suits you. However, if you want to stick to the regular white wedding gown, your bridesmaids can represent the black at your wedding in their dresses. They might be quite happy to do so. For one thing, black dresses are universally flattering, and they are easy to find in all fabrics, styles, and lengths. This will also make it easy to coordinate the dresses. Your bridesmaids have the added advantage of being able to wear the dresses to another event if they so wish.

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